14 November 2012

A Book Commitment.

I am really slacking on the reading front at the minute. I am a few pages into a total of four books. Yes! FOUR!! I keep picking up a new book and just not bothering to pick it back up again. Have you had this problem before?  I don't know whats wrong.

Here are the books I'm midway through;

1. On the Road by Jack Kerouac- I can't even remember when I started this it was so long ago. I was really loving it too! Plus, I'm putting off seeing the film before I finish it.

2. We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver - I heard great things about this, and my friend Ellie kindly loaned me her copy months ago now. I struggled through the first few chapters in all honesty, but I really want to know whats up with Kevin.

3. Hollywood by Charles Bukowski - Ah Bukowski, I'll never struggle to read your books. I just haven't made the time for you, I'm sorry.

4. Mary by Vladimir Nabokov - A recommendation I found through my Weekly Book posts (Thanks Charli!), interesting so far, quite a thin book too so shouldn't be any trouble getting through.

So, I'm setting myself a mini-challenge; I will finish the above before the year ends. I have never set myself a reading deadline before. They always seem really daunting to me, I am a very slow reader. Seriously, I read at the same pace (if not slower) than I talk. Maybe if I succeed at this, I'll move onto a real 2013 book challenge!!  What do you think? Have you set yourself a reading challenge before? How did it go?


  1. I read at the same pace/slower than I talk too! It always takes me ages to get through books. I have set myself the challenge to finish the hobbit before it comes out in the cinema. I have about 60 pages left and I have told myself to read 10 pages per day but it's not going very well! Good luck with your reading challenge!! x

  2. These are some GREAT picks! I hope you post about what you think of them!


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