9 November 2012

Friday, I'm in Love.

I wanted to share a few things I am really loving at the moment;

Kirstin Stride makes these beaaauutiful hand-drawn bird brooches. I really love the Magpie, and the Barn Owl. But the Kingfishes is one of my favourite birds, and I can't discount the sparrow! I love them all so much it took me a couple hours (seriously) to decide on which I would order. (I went for the cute little Sparrow!)

Who'd ever have thought I'd love a baby blue dress? This Speckle dress from Topshop is super cute! You'll have to look real close to see the little speckle details. It reminds me of a birds egg, perfect to match with my newly bought bird brooch and a super comfy cardigan.

I've never worn hair clips (we'll not since I was 15 and loved Funeral for a Friend) but I'm really liking them recently. My hair is getting realllly long and I think these Gold Leaf Clips would look amazing if I put some messy wavy in. I can't wait to get my hands on some! 

I have been on the look out for a bag to use as a camera bag (using the recently discovered and genius camera bag inserts- Thank you Kaylah!) and I think this may be the perfect one! Saying that, I don't have the dimensions so I have to go see it in real life but I'm pretty hopeful. Handles plus a long strap, and an extra secure zip inside. See you soon Accessorize!

I am not a tea person, I am coffee all the way. I actually hate regular tea, but have a bit of a soft spot for flavored iced tea. I haven't had Whittards Instant for years, but they have some really amazing flavours on the go a the minute. And how beautiful is the packaging? These are the three flavours I'm planning on picking up; Strawberry & Vanilla, Strawberry & Blueberry and Elderflower (I really love Elderflower.).


I am pretty glad it's Friday again! What are your weekend plans? I'm hoping to start making Christmas cards  with my new alphabet stamp set & if the weather is tolerable we may take a trip to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Then, on Sunday, we're off for a Roast! It's pretty tough to find a place that does a decent vegan roast, but I stumbled upon Full Circle earlier in the week and can't wait to check it out!! Whatever you do, have fun!


  1. Try the Whittard Dreamtime Tea...BEST FLAVOUR EVER!


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