6 November 2012

November 1st 2012- Photo an Hour

Last week Dixon and me just happened to have the same day off work together, I had the best time!! Here is how we spent our day;

10am// After an amazing sleep in (I rarely sleep past 8am). An espresso and quilting.

11am// More quilting, Teen Mom and getting ready for the day! I can't help but loving trash tv .

12noon// Off bowling! Dixon and me decided to walk down the canal to get there, it's pretty impressive right now (and muddy as hell).

1pm// Through a creepy tunnel to get to the bowling alley.

2pm// Monster Bowl! We haven't been bowling in sooo long. I thought it'd be empty going mid-week, I didn't realise it was half team. There were SO many kids there.

3pm// Two games in and I'm still kicking Dixons butt! The first time I have beat Dixon, and possibly the first time I've won two games in a row.

4pm// We stopped off at my favourite supermarket (Sad, I know, but it is awesome. It has the best choice of vegetables and fruit)! On the way out we sat down for a bit of food and a coffee.

5pm// Home, shopping put away, time for blankets and a snack in front of the TV. Dixon & me finished this whollle focaccia. Man I love olives. We planned on making a curry for tea, but were so full we didn't eat anything for the rest of the day.The little bowl is full of olive oil and balsamic vinegar. 

6pm// Christmas crafting experiments. I'm trying to make some tree decorations and little gifts (more on these later).

7pm// A little beer and more stitching whilst Dixon played videogames. I've never had Jeremiah Weed before, it's pretty good!! A weird mix between root beer and ginger beer.

8pm// Time to choose my nail colour. I take so long settling on a colour combination but yet I still need more  colours to choose from.

9pm// I have a real problem waiting for my nails to dry first before putting on the second colour, but I did this time. 

10pm + // The rest of the night was spent watching How I Met Your Mother, then Dixon bought a bike!! Pretty exciting, he's wanted a bike for a while but he finally went and ordered one. I really can't wait to go riding together. We spent a lot of time looking through some awful jerseys he's going to get and routes we're going to ride. Perfect day.


  1. Oooooh I want to go disco bowling now.....

  2. What a gorgeous walk. I'll have to try that beer!

    1. I'm lucky enought to have that walk right outside my apartment!! You should definitely get a bottle if you see it anyway,pretty tasty!


  3. It sounds like an awesome day! I really like bowling but almost never do it. I'm asking my boyfriend for this weekend haha.

  4. I always want to do these photo an hour posts but I forget.
    Haha. Your day sounds great!

    1. Haha i'm the same!! I plan to do way more but always forget, and some of these are definitely not taken bang on the hour.

      Test it out one day! I love seeing other peoples



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