8 November 2012

Dog Day.

Earlier this week, I was lucky enough to be given time off work to volunteer. Me and my little team decided on having a day dog walking at an amazing, independently run dog sanctuary not too far from where we live.

We were given a quick tour (they have over 40 dogs at the minute!!), then given a whole bunch of pups to take out. I choose this guy as my first (My first dog was a boarder collie), his name was Sam and man, was he the Dad of the group. After giving me a huge hug, he insisted on being at the front of the pack where he settled right down. Everyone so often he'd stop and turn around for a quick head count to make sure everyone was safe. He did get a little moody, and threw himself at the ground and refuse to walk a few times. But, who wouldnt?! It was a loooooonnng walk. After a little encouragement he got right back into it. 

It was so cute seeing all the dogs walking together. They were really good friends. The big rottweiler, Petra, was the softest! The little whippet was so friendly. But the little staffy at the bottom stole my heart, I wish so much I could bring her home. She had the cutest face and the nicest nature. I'll be making a visit in a year or twos time to pick up a new family member for sure.

The forest and fields we went down were beautiful. It reminded me of an un-snowed Narnia. We went out with three separate sets of dogs in the end, each time we walked for over an hour. I didn't take too many photos of the other groups, it started to throw it down with rain and I had to concentrate on not slipping over.

I can't say enough good things about the sanctuary. Each dog is prefectly taken care of regardless of habits, background or character, their best interests are at heart. And it all stemmed for one guys shock when finding out dogs picked up by wardens or handed into the police are given a small window to find new owners, and then they're killed. Its awful, and I'm so happy somewhere like the Whitehall Dog Rescue is around.
By the end my hair was stuck to my face, my toes were swollen, tights torn, I was covered in mud from pup hugs and my legs still ache. I had the best time. Plus, I have started chipping at #2 on my eighteen before twentyfive.


  1. Awww they're so cute!! What a lovely thing to do, i'm going to look into this kind of thing in my area. Those shots of the forest are gorgeous!!

    1. It was an amazing day, i think if you have the chance to get involved locally you definitely should!! Be warned though, you'll want to take them all home

      chloe x

  2. what a perfect way to spend a day x

  3. What a dream day, I would love to do that at my local shelter.It's great that there are places like that for such sweet dogs that may need a second or third chance at a home.


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