5 November 2012

Netflicks Picks #3

May have to rename this soon, we went ahead and got Lovefilm too! A few films & documentaries I've watched recently. Warning: My viewings this month were pretty dark and depressing.

For The Bible Tells Me So - As I've mentioned before I'm always super interested in learning about extreme human behaviors and beliefs so this was perfect for me. This documentary is about Christianity and Homosexuality. Five Christian families are interviewed and we hear the parents varying reactions to the news that their son or daughter is gay. The point of the film is to show that Christianity's homophobia is based on misunderstandings from the Bible and a lack of understanding of what being gay actually means. Some of the parents reactions are heartbreaking, others are heartwarming. Angering, and interesting.

Forgiving Dr. Mengele - Watching a program like this really puts things into perspective, we have no right to complain about anything ever. Eva Kor is a super lady. She endured awful experimentation's on herself and her twin sister in Auschwitz, they survived, Eva moved to America, raised a family and had a successful career. If that wasn't enough she tracked down and confronted Nazi Doctors that were involved in these awful experiments in order to find answers and help the other survivors who were suffering the side effects. Even more than that, she completely forgives those who tortured her. Unbelievable

Sound and Fury - The tag line for this documentary is; "If you could make your deaf children hear, would you do it?". When I first started watching this my answer was completely set in stone , 'Yes! Definitely!!'. This film brings up arguments for both sides, from deaf families, to hearing families with one deaf child. It's something you never even think of, that a deaf person who is given the opportunity to hear would choose not to. The deaf community are pretty defensive, they don't see being deaf as a handicap that needs to be put right. Its such a difficult situation to be in, I don't think there is a right answer. Thought provoking. 

This last couple of weeks I have watched more episodes of How I Met Your Mother than anything else, I am in love with Marshall Eriksen.


  1. You have some interesting picks--I've not heard of any of these! But they all sound so interesting. Maybe one night when I'm feeling a little philosophical and don't have lots of work to do in my dorm I'll watch one of these. :)

    1. I always have something running in the background, so i get through quite a few documentaries each month. If you only get chance to watch one, try out Sound & Fury



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