9 October 2012

A Book A Week #11

I know I have mentioned Iain Banks books before on here, but I really think they are great books to open your reading up to a new genre if you haven't read anything by him before. Although Canal Dreams isn't as obviously dark as The Wasp Factory, it is still strange and thought provoking, the main reason I love Banks writing.

Hisako Onoda is terrified of flying, and as a famous cellist has to find alternative routes to get to where she needs to be when touring. The book opens when she is travelling from Japan and through Europe. Down the Panama Canal she travels, her boat eventually arrives in turmoil; civil unrest causes the canal to be closed and the boat is left in limbo. The time the boat is stuck gives us times to explore Onodas past and present, and build her up in great depth. You discover some amazing things about her, and the reason for her, sometimes, cold heart. 

Iain Banks has no problem jilting a story line to keep the reader on their toes, and although I don't think this is the best book he has written, its still a great, quick read that will keep you entertained. 


  1. hmm... sounds interesting. I think I'll check it out :) thanks for sharing!

    xo, samantha

  2. What a fun series! I love new book recommendations!


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