5 October 2012

Everyday Iphone App

I am not a huge app fan, but I do have a weak spot for photography apps, this is one I really wanted to share with you. You must have seen some impressive videos of people (and dogs!!) taking self portraits daily for years at a time. This is the app for that!

I have used 'Everyday' daily since August 6th... okay I did miss a couple of days when I was sick and/or being a slob but other than that I've done pretty well. My favourite part of the app is that when you go to take a new days photograph the old one is shadowed behind it so you can line it up perfectly and create that amazing time-lapse effect. The video option is pretty great too, you can choose the speed it skips between videos and you can easily save it to your phone to share.

I'm going to try and keep this going for as long as I can. I usually lose interest/forget about things like this but Everyday prompts you every day at whatever time you'd like to take a new photo, pretty good huh? My reminder time is 8:30am, just before I set off for work, so the majority of the time I'm wearing my office attire which is pretty samey, but its still pretty fun.

What do you think? I'll make sure to share my 4 month video with you, I'd love to see yours too?


  1. This is fantastic! Thank you for sharing!


  2. Ooo! This one looks fun - I am going to check it out right now :]

  3. That's a really cool app! I'm downloading it right now haha, I definitely want to do it.


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