2 September 2012

The best things in life are free.

I have had a couple of really great finds in the basements of our building recently! That sounds awful, but people dump things there when they move out.

The first thing we found was a plain corner desk from ikea (free desk). It's tatty as hell, the original owners put it together completely wrong and must have been using it with screws sticking right out of the top... I'm trying to think of a way to cover up the holes, and looking for some amazing desk organisers. It's a perfect platform to write, read, sew and plan. I have been looking for a desk for ages now, drooling over beautiful ones that are way out of my price range and then scrunching my face up at ones that I can actually afford because they just aren't beautiful enough. I'm completely in love with having my own space, regardless of where it came from.

Then, the chairs they were from Habitat, one had been painted white (very badly). I decided to do a little dip-dye type detail on them. I'm probably going to repaint the white one a solid white too. They're the perfect height for our dining table, I'm thinking of getting a bench for the other side. I love how mismatched chairs look. What do you think?


Thank you so much for leaving your thoughts. I love to hear what you all think and I do read every single one soooo if you have a question, feel free to ask!

chloe x

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