30 August 2012

Netflix picks.

I'm the kind of person that always has some kind of TV program playing in the background whatever I'm doing. Netflix has been a godsend for this, I have been getting through a whole load of documentaries I would never have heard of unless I had stumbled across them whilst flicking through Netflix, which is amazing! And now it's the end of the month (I can't believe August is over), I thought I would share with you some of the documentaries that have really stud out to me, for whatever reason and hopefully you'll enjoy too. Sooo....

Project Nim- So so sad, I watched this whilst tidying our bedroom, and ended up laying on floor right in front of my laptop screen crying. I was drawn in my the cute chimp in a jumper, I was expecting a really fun documentary about teaching a chimp sign language. But Nim gets older and aggressive, I don't want to ruin it for you but my heart broke more than once. I'd definitely recommend this, its pretty short, its fascinating and shines a little light on animal testing and the heartlessness behind it. Good if you're looking for a weep.

Until the Light Takes Us- I've seen a few films and documentaries about black metal, my ex was very into black metal, they always interested me loads, so when I came across this on Netflix, I gave it a go. I think this documentary gives you the most insight into the subculture. It has interviews throughout with Varg Vikernes who was in prison at the time for murdering a band member, and burning down a few churches. Its super interesting. Probably my favourite of the whole list. Amazing insight into a different world.

Children UndergroundNicolae Ceaușescu was the communist leader of Romania from 1967-1989, who outlawed abortion and contraception, he also put in place rewards for mothers of large families (in an attempt to boost the population). This documentary follows a group of children choosing to live in a subway station rather than with impoveraged families where they are not wanted or in abusive crowded orphanages. It's pretty shocking seeing how they live and how acceptable it is to have kids living on the streets like that. Some of the kids are clearly psychotic, (potentially from the paint they are constantly sniffing). Pretty shocking & completely interesting.

Grizzly Man- I've heard so much about this film, and had high hopes, especially when I realised it was Werner Herzog that interviewed the Timothy Treadwell AKA the Grizzly Mans friends and family and narrated his original footage of the bears. In the end, I was actually suprised that I managed to watch the whole film, I was pretty close to turning it off at more than one point, mainly because I really disliked Treadwell, I found him arrogant, delusional, vain, and just generally someone I would hate to be around in real life. I dunno, maybe this is what Herzog intended? Cringe worthy, worth it for the foxes.


  1. I like it how you can't see the screen. Well positioned TV is the way forward. Netflix is good shit though... Check out Breaking Bad.x

    1. Hello. I took the photo to look that way intentionally duh. We were watching some football program that I didnt want on here haha.

      I love breaking bad!! I thought i was the one tha ttold you about it!? Or at least I told Nathan


  2. That's so strange, I finally got around to watching Project Nim this week. Or should I say, I tried. I think it was about 3/4 through when I stopped. you can probably guess the part. It just seemed to be getting sadder and sadder and I guessed it didn't have a happy ending. I suppose I might be pessimistic, but I have a feeling I'm not.

    Grizzly Man is disturbing, but well made and fascinating. The main guy, well... you know, he's hard to watch.

    I haven't seen the other two, I'll keep them in mind :)

    1. The ending is actually too bad, he gets rescued (sort of) and finally ends up with other chimps, but it doesn't make up for everything that happened to him.

      I tihnk Grizzly Man is well made, but i couldnt get over how cringeworthy Treadwell is!!

      You should deifnitely



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