9 September 2012

Instagram Week

Monday- Sunday 1// Our first taste of home brew! This is a alcoholic raspberry-ade. Pretty tasty! 2// The sun came out the weekend, and the majority of my Saturday was spent here, on the balcony soaking it in. 3// First harvest, tiny tiny carrots, so many of them!! 4// Breaking into a brand new bag of my coffee of choice, Red Brick, from Square Mile Coffee Roasters 5// Lunch in my favourite coffee shop, Laynes Espresso. Grilled aubergine and spicy houmous sandwich, with an espresso (of course!). 6// My necklace came from Datter, the most beautiful thing! Highly recommended. 7// I hardly ever get trains anymore! But business calls. 8// I treat myself to some polaroid film, I love polaroids, but do i went to spend £18 for 8 photos? Definitely only a once in a while treat.

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