11 September 2012

A Book A Week #10

Chuck Palahniuk is one of my all time favourite authors, I love love love how he writes. If you haven't heard of Palahniuk before, he’s the guy that wrote Fight Club, duh! Lullaby was one of the first books I read by him, I can't remember why I choose this one, but I'm glad I did.

Lullaby is the story of Carl Streator who is given the responsibility to write about a sudden bout of deaths, of which his own child and wife had been a victim of. We find out that the reason behind their, and the other peoples, deaths is a 'culling song' Carl found in an old poetry book. The song has the power to instantly kill anyone who hears it. Carl is walking down the street, and starts to think about killing anyone that annoys him in the slightest and, resigning the lullaby in his head unintentionally does, he becomes racked with guilt. So, in an attempt to put it right, and stop the song forever begins to track down every book in whilst it’s printed. He teams up with a bazaar realtor and together they begin tracking down these books.

Along their way they discover the source of the lullaby, a spell book, and fight over what to do with it. Carl wants to destroy it, but the rest of the group want to learn what other spells it hold, specifically they want to resurrect the dead. The spell book is inevitably misused a lot, and results in some reaalllly messed up things.


I am really enjoying writing these little reviews every week, its reminding me of all the great books I've read, and whilst doing a bit of internet reserach, I'm finding some amazing things I never knew! I found this snippit about Chuck on Wikipeadia (have a look under the Lullaby heading), I sort of which I knew this before I read the book, it'd compeltely change the way I thought of it!!


  1. Oh wow! I've never heard of this book, but it sure does sound like a really interesting read. Defo going to put it on my list, thanks! I feel super slack with my reading when I see neat ladies like yourself reading one book a week!


    1. You should read it definitely !! i'm not reading a book a week!! just revisiting a book a week. I wish i could read that quickly.


  2. I don't usually like book reviews but yours are nice and honest (and not like "i'm being paid to do this therefore the book is Amaaaazing!") I'm a readaholic and will definately be taking notes. Thanks for sharing


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