1 August 2012

See Ya July

July has treat me well, but it's actually quite scary how fast time is going. I have had a great month, even though I didnt do everything I really wanted to. I did mean to go swimming, and play tennis but I am lazy, maybe next month? Here are a few things I have really loved in July.

I got my feet tattooed (and now love them), bought an amazing camera (finallly), went to the beach, saw Morrisey, hung with the pups, juiced every fruit and vegetable under the sun (please never ever try celery juice) and had a lot of exciting garden updates. Enjoyed watching the Tour de France, and beamed with pride when Bradley Wiggins got on the podium. I put waves in my hair and  I bought a load of embroidery supplies, and fell in love with stitching.

I have to share this blog; http://www.thestorkandthebeanstalk.com/ - I can't get enough of it! It's quickly shooting up their to my favourite read. Ashley, I love your dry, dry whit, you have me in kinks, constantly, you're making me need kids. Ashley has the most beautiful family, including the cutest little boy, Hooper (who just happens to have the best name) AND the newest little addition, Van. I've definitely got in there at the right time I can't wait to see her grow. I particularly love the 'Meet your Parents' series.

And, my photo of the month,  I had to share this, from when Dixon and me met this guy whilst visiting the Manchester Museum, and could not stop laughing. His expression cracked me up.

Now, come on August! Dixons big birthday celebrations at the cricket. Hopefully a boat trip? The beach! A wedding! (I wish all my friends would hurry up and get married so I can drink champagne and buy new dresses). August also marks 1.5years until I turn 25, and a lot of goal setting. What are your August plans?


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