7 August 2012

Book a Week #7

I'm sure you all know this one, or at least know Bret Easton Ellis. I love the guys writting style, and this is definitely the book that has influenced my taste in novels the most. It was the first Easton Ellis book I read, I had seen a lot of people reading American Psycho, and heard a lot about if, I'd obviously seen the film too, and decided I was way too cool to read what everyone else was reading so went for the next one along on the book shop shelf. I only just realised now that Lunar Park must have been pretty new when I first read it and I had no idea.

Lunar Park is partly a 'faux autobiography', early on Ellis describe his own sudden rise to fame, wild partying, his drug taking etc, the story does blur into fiction in some obvious aspects, particularly that he he marries a beautiful movie star. They move out of New York City, after a number of terrorist attacks makes them feel unsafe in a big city, and they end up in a quiet, rich suburb.

Halloween comes, and Ellis begins noticing strange things happening around the house they have moved into. Particularly surrounding the death of his farther. He isn't taken very seriously when he shares his concerns that the house in haunted, and that his step daughters doll is alive, and vicious! (I don't there is anything that can creep me out more than demonic toys). The line between reality and fiction distort even more when Patrick Bateman appears, along with other characters from American Psycho.

If you aren't really into this genre of book, or haven't read anything by Ellis before, I think this, and Less Than Zero, are great places to start. Completely disturbing, amazing books.


 Remember to recommend me your favourite books, everyone that has been recommended to me so far I've either bought, or its on my Amazon Wish List.


  1. Gosh, I used to read a lot, but not so much lately. I'm hoping to start back again this fall, only my segment would be called 'hopefully one book a month'.

    I did enjoy American Psycho and Less than Zero. My husband is pretty much obsessed with Bret Easton Ellis. He even named our puppy Patrick... coincidence? I'm not so sure... ;)

    1. Haha, I havent been reading them on a weekly basis, i'm mainly going over my favourites at the minute!

      Patrick is an amazing name for a puppy!! And definitely not a coincidence


  2. Ooh I will have to check this book out! I'm going to go check out all of the other books that you've read. Books are the best, ha! This year I've been keeping track of every book I've read (and blogging about it at the end of every month). My goal is to read 52 by the end of the year. If you're looking for any book suggestions, check it out!


    1. They are! Thats a pretty good goal, i've been looking for other blogs that write about books too, so perfect!



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