31 July 2012

A Book A Week #6

I planned to write about a Palahniuk book today, well, I actually did write about it, went to take a photo of the cover and realised it wasn't in my collection! I hardly ever lend out books, so thats pretty frustrating it's gone.

Soooo, change of plan. Here is my book of the week;

You should know Irvine Welsh as the author of Trainspotting, which was made into a pretty notible British film. I haven't actually read Trainspotting, but I have a couple of his other novels.

Roy Strang ends up in court for being involved in an awful awful crime, and the remorse he feels lands him in hospital, in a koma, unwilling to fight anymore after a life of being abused, and being the abusor- physically, mentally and sexually. The story fades in and out of his koma induced dream world, Strangs past leading up to his hospitalisation and the world he hears from his hospital bed. In his dream world, he's in South Africa, on the hunt of the Marabou Stork which he describes as the ugliest savage creature there is. In Strangs real life, you hear him growing up on a housing scheme in Scotland, the mundane job he hates, but excels in and the football hooligan gang (I mean real football hooligan gang) he loves, which all leads him to the awful crime.

Its a hugely gritty book, and one thats definitely in my top 5. I highly recommend this to anyone that loves Bret Easton Ellis. Remember to recommend me your favourite books, everyone that has been recommended to me so far I've either bought, or its on my Amazon Wish List.


  1. Oh this sounds good :) , i still need to give trainspotting a go too! Lovely blog.

    Rose x

    1. You should, and let me know how it is! Thank you very much



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