12 August 2012

Newmillerdam trip.

This weekend Dixon and me went to visit my parents who were hosting a little party, whilst on the train there we decided to get off one stop early and walk down to a place I used to visit all the time when I was really young; Newmillerdam. 

I only just found out now that the lake and park is called Anglers Country Park, and Newmillerdam is the name of the village its in, the village is beautiful! I want to buy all the houses. The village is named so because of the grain mill that was powered by the lake. Its a really cute little fort-like building on the side of the water (which I didn't actually get any photos of, but you can see then on its wikipeadia page). The lake is huge, and surrounded by a forest, which we explored too.

When I was young we used to go bird watching here, but there wasn't actually too many varieties of birds this time, a lot of geese (A LOT), mallards, a robin that followed us the whole way round and some crazy gull that was making the weirdest noises, it cracked me up! I really wish I'd gotten a video now thinking back, I think it was either a Black-Headed Gull or a little Gull. You can see him on the left of this photo of me, can you tell i'm trying my hardest not to laugh? And of course, I had to wear my duck dress again.

I went to take photos of the rings on this tree stump, and found it had loads of coins stuck into it! Some of them looked realold. I wish we had put one in there too.


After our walk, we went for a couple of drinks and then over to my parents. We were both completely worn out for the party, but I had an amazing time. Hope you all had an awesome weekend!


  1. Love the duck dress! Looks like you had a fun weekend, a nice pint is always a good thing :)

    1. Thank you! i'm in love with it.

      chloe x


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