14 August 2012

Book a Week #8

Am I really going to write a review about a book that everyone not only knows the full story line to, but 99.9% of the population also knows the theme tune too? Am I actually wearing a Jaws t-shirt as I type...? Well, yes I am, okay! Give the book a chance.

Just in case you haven't heard the tale of Jaws, the whole story is based in a little seaside down, Amity, Long Island, New York, whos main source of income is wealthy beach goers (or their student children) returning to their beach houses during the summer months. The opening of the book sees a young visitor decide to go for a late night swim (after a few drinks), and ends up washed up on the beach the next morning. With clear shark attack wounds, police Chief Brody orders the beaches to be closed, but the major and local media refuses to let the story leak and insists that the beaches are kept open so as not to harm business. I mean, how likely is it that two shark attacks will happen in the same place? Classic horror story mistake.

Over the course of the next few days, more people are attacked, and Brody blames himself. With the beaches still open, and visitors going wild to try and catch a glimpse of the fish. The town is forced to bring in help, in the form of Hooper (swooon, completely in love) a ichthyologist who promises to help them understand the fish a little more, and eventually, Quint, a rough shark hunter who promises to bring the fish back to shore, dead. The team of three set out track and kill the fish. Amazing adventure follows.

I admit, I do completely love all 4 Jaws movies, but I am not being bias with this. Its genuinely a really decent book, and as with all book to movie, the story does differ in stages. If you read up a little on the background it's even more interesting. Benchley got his inspiration from a few real life events, the Jersey Shore Shark attacks that happened in 1916, and Quint is based on a real shark hunter, Frank Mundus, who eventually turned his life from killing to preserving the amazing fish.

It's a perfect quick, light read. Probably not something to read on the beach, unless you like being terrified.

Remember to recommend me your favourite books, If you're struggeling to think of what you're going to read next, every book that has been recommended to me so far I've either bought, or its on my Amazon Wish List.


  1. Great review! I've been recommended the book before but haven't read it yet. May have to give it a go now :) x

  2. OMG I MUST READ THIS!! I am a horror geek lol


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