11 August 2012

Tomorrow, August 12th, marks exactly 1 and a half years until my 25th birthday (February 12th 2014), the big quarter century. So I thought it'd be a perfect time to start a bit of a count down. Unlike a lot of people I am actually looking forward to getting older, so this will be more of a celebration than a last ditch attempt to get things done before I'm past my prime. A chance to get myself in an amazing position to enjoy my late twenties.

So with 18 months to go, here are my eighteen things to do before I'm twentyfive:

1. Learn to bake my own amazing bread. Perfect focaccia anyone? Sourdough maybe?
2. Give some time to charity, regularly (with animals preferably, or kids).
3. Get my driving licence !! Or at least start towards it and have a few lessons.
4. Go to the Lake District! Or the lake. & row a boat!
5. Go whale spotting, which is pretty expensive actually, but may be a 24th birthday trip?
6. Get my qualifications for work. I currently have 4 exams to pass.
7. Go carbooting.
8. Go to the Manchester Velodrome again, either to cycle, or see an event.
9. See more bands play live.
10. Keep up with my 'Book a week' posts.
11. Lose weight! My first target is 2 stone. Stop being a douchebag and go to the gym. & go swimming!
12. Explore Yorkshire! Particularly the natural side, spend a day walking around the Yorkshire Dales.
13. Ride bikes with Dixon, lots (on my beautiful bike), aim to do 30miles in a day? & maybe even further.
14. Take more photos (especially film) and frame them to hang around the flat. I'd quite start to like a 'Places we've been' wall. (Idea completely stolen from Jen).
15. Sort my finances out, get rid of that over draft. Start some savings! Get a good credit rating. I'd ideally like to buy a house, but I'm not sure how realistic that is. This will most likley involve a spending ban.
16. Host a dinner party. Cook everything from scratch.
17. Go see a play.
18. Learn to enjoy time along. Go to a coffee shop and read, sit in the park, go for a walk!

And the reward? As my 25th birthday celebration I am going to do some falconry! I literally want to burst with excitement just thinking about it, I will most definitely cry on the day. Its something I have always wanted to do, but it's pretty expensive so could never justify it. Owls, hawks, eagles. Cannot wait.

Would you believe I've been finalising this list for about 3 months now? It's changed so many times. I tried my hardest to think of realistic things, obviously there are both time and money constrains. I think I'm pretty happy with the final product. A good mixture of challenges and enjoyment. Some are big that'll take time, and some are small, but I'm going to make the most of it! Plus, I'll keep you all up to date on how I'm getting along.

What do you think? Do you have any goals set?

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