29 July 2012

Shark Teeth & Beer.

Yesterday we took a trip over the pennies to Manchester, I got Dixon tickets to see Morrissey for an early birthday present, at the Manchester Arena and took the chance to have a day out. We went for a little meal at Eighth Day, a health food store with a cafe downstairs, I was pretty impressed with the food, and the place itself, it also made me sad that Leeds has no where like this at all.

Whilst in the cafe we had a quick flick of the internet to find anything interesting close by and saw we were on the same street as the Manchester Museum! Dixon and me have a love for natural history museums, so we set off. The museum had a vivarium with tiny frogs and lizards. I particularly loved seeing the poison arrow frogs. The 'Life' section was by far the best, so many butterfly's, beetles and creepy locusts. I'm a fan of taxidermy animals too (I realise is weird for a vegan), it gives me the chance to see animals up close that I wouldn't usually get the chance too. They had a huge selection of birds,

A Hammer Head Sharks teeth!

A Sheep in a Jumper!


Afterwards we went to a Brew Dog bar! I've seen their beers floating around the internet for a while but never actually tried them, and when we ran past the bar on our 10k route last month decided we'd have to come back one day. So we did! I stupidly ordered a beer with a good name, 'Zeitgeist', not realising it was a dark beer! GIP. So I stole Dixons, Punk IPA. Much better. The bar itself was amazing! I wish we'd had more time to spend there tasting some new beers. Hopefully they'll open one in Leeds soon? (please?). Heres Dixon looking cute, and one of the beers!

We got home, completely soaked and tiered at about 1am. It was a pretty good day! Even though I am still not a fan of Manchester, it might have grown on me a little. I'll write about the Morrisey gig more another day. Hope you had a good weekend! I'm off to eat quiche.

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  1. ahh i love BrewDog soooo much!! We are sooo lucky to have one in Nottingham. Dead Pony Club is probably my fave beer from there :D



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