24 July 2012

Book a Week #5

You need to know, I love watching prison documentaries I can't get enough of Lockup, Werner Herzog documentaries on the death penalty, anything to do with gangs or prison and anything relating to the Aryan brotherhood (I know, I'm weird, it just really interests me, definitely the only reason I have Netflix). Sooo when I heart about this book, I had to get it.

The book is autobiographical by Frankie Meeink, it starts when he is a young teenager in Philadelphia which is where he first becomes exposed to the skinhead culture. Its beyond weird hearing how someone thinks when they're in the state of mind, a completely clouded, misinformed, almost insane way of thinking, but you start to sort of understanding (not agree, just understand). You hear about the beatings, killings, the children he fathers and abandons, the kidnappings and awful torturing he participates in and goes to prison for. Whilst in prison Frank starts to realise his way of thinking could be wrong when he befriends 2 black inmates and comes out questioning things again, obviously it isn't easy to get out of a gang, especially when you're respected as a founder.

It's an unbelievable story, truly inspiring, and my heart completely broke when he starts hiding his drug addiction from his girlfriend, who is the only worthwhile person he's had in his life. Frank Meeink is an amazing man, and still does loads of fantastic work for equality all over America, I'd love to go see one of his talks.

I have never really read any autobiographies, so pleaaase recommend me some!


  1. I finished the book yesterday, amazing story, sometimes unbelievable.
    I forgot, Nice blog

    Take care

    regards form Italy


  2. ok, I have a question, are u vegan or do you like just eat vegan sometimes?


    1. Hi

      I am vegan 100% of the time


  3. good choice,

    best regards from a italian 100% vegan
    see you for the next book :)

    take care



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