23 July 2012

Air Show

This weekend we went up to Sunderland to see Dixons family, and the trip just happened to co-inside with the Sunderland Airshow. Okay, so i'm not that into planes, but its always fun to see them. AND they had aerobatics which was pretty impressive, and the Red Arrows were there. It was the perfect opportunity to test out my new camera, i'm not completely used to it yet, but I'm getting there! I might start using my flickr again too. What do you think?

Plus, it meant I got to go to the beach. Man i love the beach.

And, we got to see Dixons parents puppies! They're so big now its ridiculous. Alfie, the first photo, is 18 months, and Jack, is about 9 months now. They're full boxers, and have so much energy, but they are soooo cute despite trying to knock me over at any opportunity. I love dogs so much. The first thing i'm going to do when we can finally buy our own house is go to a rescue center and get a puppy. I definitely need to get smaller dogs than these two though, Alfie seems to enjoy pushing me over and hes only a puppy! They were both equally confuses by the camera...

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