20 February 2017

Berlin - A Brief Vegan Food Guide // Vegan Blogs

For my birthday Dixon took me to Berlin! I've wanted to go to Berlin for A LONG time so I was super excited to go. The first thing we ALWAYS do before visiting a new city, we headed over to Happy Cow to do some vegan food research annnnnnd there were so many choices we could hardly choose. You will be hard pressed to be hard pressed for vegan food in Berlin. Most place had vegan options on the menu. Soooo this is in no way a "guide" but more a skim on the surface of the places we had chance to visit.

La Stella Nera - Leykestraße 18, Neukölln - 100% Vegan

Our apartment was in Neukolln and La Stella Nera wasn't too far from us, so we walked over and turned up without booking and it was packed... I wasn't hopeful we'd get a table, but when we went in to ask it smelt so good I was ready to bargain for a table. Lucky, the waitress was the most helpful person ever; she said she would hold the next available table for us, so we went for a drink at a really nice bar close by and came back an hour later. 
Properly stone baked pizzas are hard to come by as a vegan so I was super excited! I had the smoked chilli tofu, and Dixon picked the salami. We did a slice swap and they were both so so good. They gave us homemade garlic oil and chilli oil too, they were super tasty. And yep, we had starters and a dessert that were equally as amazing. And vegan wine! Properly labelled vegan wine. How great is that!?

Brammibals Donuts - Maybachufer 8 - 100% vegan

I'm not sure I even need to tell you how good this place was.... just look! The most amazing flavoured vegan donuts I ever did see. We went for breakfast because we heard that they usually sell out early most days... so we had a coffee and picked two doughnuts to share. I chose blueberry pistachio and and Dixon went for chocolate peanut butter fudge. Oh my god. I can't even describe how good they were. Super fluffy and light. The staff were super wonderful too. A+++++++ would visit 1000 times again.

Lias Kitchen - 47 Kollwitz Straße - 100% Vegan

Lias was THE cutest little place. I picked the chili bean burger which was the second tastiest vegan burger I have ever had, only beat by what Dixon chose; the BBQ mushroom burger. The fries were absolutely perfect, and they came with three sauces; including a home made garlic aioli which was so tasty. High recommendations for this place. I wish it was a warm enough day to sit outside because the street it was on was so cute.

Vöner - Boxhagenerstr.56 - 100% Vegan

Voner was the place I was most excited for. Vegan kebabs, what is not to want!? We strolled past one night and it was full, so decided to go the next day after a huge walk when we were starving. We both got the pitta kebabs annndd a portion of special fried to share; the special fries were covered in a cheese sauce and fried onions.  The kebab itself was suprisingly filling. Loads of super fresh salad, we both choose a garlic sauce (coz we love garlic, there were loads of different sauce options to pick from) and full of seitan doner meat. Really small place, super friendly staff.


A few extras I bits I have to mention from our Berlin trip. We had a Denns Biomarkt on the street we were staying and bumped into loads throughout the city; its an organic supermarket with so many vegan bits. We got sausages for breakfast, soy cookie dough ice cream for drunk eating, and VEGO bars, my first ever vego. Well worth a visit.  They had loads of fake meats and cheeses I had never seen before.

Second, Aldi was packed with vegan meats, a whole aisle of milk-alternatives including squirty cream! Whaaaat?! I didn't get any but was so tempted! They also had really clearly labeled vegan butters, burgers, falafel, houmous etc etc. So handy! How are supermarkets not like that over here?

One day we got a take-away because we were SO tired from walking (and the cold) we fancied a night in, and we found a pizza chain that did vegan pizzas! Hallo Pizza! All their vegan options are online, and there was a bunch. Although it took ages to be delivered because I didn't give them a phone number.... but once we sorted that it take super fast and was TASTY. I got one with a bbq base, vegan cheese and loads of jalapeño

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  1. Ein schöner Blog und toll, dass du dich kulinarisch in Deutschland austestest! Mich würde mal interessieren, wie das Essen auf Rädern (zB von https://www.meyer-menue.de/) im Vergleich so abschneidet deiner Meinung nach. Liebe Grüße!


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