15 October 2017

Northern Craft // October 14th 2017

This weekend marks one year since Northern Craft opened the doors to their first ever fair. Put together by dream team Sean Mort and Carley Batley, their fairs have created a much needed benchmark for the Leeds craft fair scene. They celebrated their first birthday by doing what they do best; packing a brewery full of makers, creators and small businesses, putting on sell-out workshops and then ramming it full of shoppers.

As a past seller at Northern Craft it was excited to be able to spend as much time as I wanted browsing and chatting to sellers; I arrived just after 11:30 to see the Sunken Studio ceramics workshop already in full swing and a queue of people waiting to screen print their own (free!) tote bag with the guys from Awesome Merchandise, I skipped the tote queue for now and ran straight to the second floor where the fair is held.

The first thing I always notice about the Northern Craft fairs I've been to (... all of them), is the huge variety of stalls that are there. I really enjoy seeing all these different styles alongside each other; illustrators, paper-cutters, screen printers, mixed with laser cut jewellery, hand poured candles, ceramics, and plants. There is so much to look at. After a quick whip around I left for a couple of hours (to help out at another workshop across town) and came back before closing to take it all in again. There is always something new, always something amazing. 
Here are some of my picks from the day:

             Above: Pick N Mix mini prints by Sean Mort, Screen Printed vintage pages from Basil & Ford.

         Below: Fun, colourful accessories by Onetenzeroseven. Illustrator Wren & Wilsons handpainted wooden pieces. The cutest ceramic planters, formed and painted by Natko. Nature inspired prints and textiles by the amazing Maggie Magoo. Strange and unusual plants + planters from Geo Fleur. Dainty wooden earrings created by Red Paper House.

After picking up a couple of prints, chatting to many pals, stroking every dog in sight and almost crying whilst holding Luna Pup (@lunaandplants), I went downstairs to print a tote bag to add to my collection and grab a pint (errr, coz I'm in the Northern Monk brewery so it'd be stupid not to). I sat outside and chatted with my pals about how great of a day it was and how we can't wait for the Northern Print Fair next month; the first fair from the Northern Craft guys dedicated to print makers.

Find out about Northern Crafts upcoming events on their websiteinstagram and facebook.


  1. Did you take a camera or just use your phone?

    1. Heyyy, I took my camera! Its first outing in a while.

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