13 November 2015

Stitch Up: Knit a Snood

A couple of weeks ago Jen from Stitch-Up asked me to come along to a snood knitting workshop she was running, to lend a hand and take some photographs! The workshop was at the newly-relocated Duke Studios which I was incredibly excited to see.

We met all the ladies who had signed up for the class in the wonderful Sheaf St Cafe, crapped a coffee (or tea) and went to the Not-Bored room in Duke Studios which was to be the most beautiful meeting room I have ever seen (look at that wall colour!!). It worked absolutely perfectly for the workshop; a nice community table where Jen could show everyone what to do, and then people could chat, get to know each other and ask questions as they went.

The majority of the workshoppers there were total beginners and Jen did the best job at giving everyone the skills they needed to finish their own snood. We started off with a simple bracelet which taught everyone how to cast on, cast off and the knit stitch. A really simple way to learn the basics and have a practise before starting the main piece. Myself and Kendall (of Trends with Benefits) were on hand to help everyone out, so no-one dropped behind or where left unsure what to do next. I was sooooo impressed with how fast everyone picked it up and how enthusiastic they were to learn more. Jen did an amazing job! I think a few people left with dreams of knitting their own jumpers. 

Everyone that came to the class got their own Knit Kit, which had a tote bag, 15mm needles, the Snood pattern, two balls of yarn (each person choose their own colour too!), yarn needle and, of course, a Stitch Up badge.

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