1 October 2015

Sewing: I Made a Kimono

I have sewn more in the last 4 months than I have in my entire life, but I always stick within my comfort zone. I really want to start making more clothes so I picked out this free Kimono pattern to have a go at!!
I always find the hardest part of sewing is cutting out the fabric, so I tried super hard to be as accurate as I could be with this pattern. I laid it all out on the living room floor and took ages doing it... It came out pretty well, apart from I made one sleeve WAY too big. I didn't cut the actual paper patter out right so I initially ran out of fabric. I didn't realise until I had started sewing the first sleeve in how wonky it was. Whoops. Overall though, the pattern was incredibly easy and quick.

I've worn my kimono a couple of times already and I love it! Even if it is a little bright for me, I definitely love it a little more than I would if it was shop bought because I made it. I'm going to make myself another with slightly shorter sleeves and in a darker fabric and with a wider lace so it looks a little fancier. I wont be scared to use a little more expensive fabric next time as I know I can do it. 
If you're thinking of starting to sew your own clothes, this is the pattern for you! It is one size so there are no fittings or measurements to take, no fancy techniques at all. It will give you a tonne of confidence once you have it finished. I picked out this almost silky yellow floral fabric from my fabric market stall for £5 per meter, and some black lace which was super cheap at 50p per meter.  So overall, with the free pattern, it cost me about £11.50. Which I think, its pretty amazing!


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