8 September 2015

2015 Goal Update

How is it almost September already?! I haven't given a goal update all year, which is pretty rubbish of me. This year is flying by for me, I'm so busy with my etsy and a bunch of other things that I haven't had chance to write much on here, but they are in the forefront of my mind. Here is my update so far, 9months in;

- Knit a Hat & a Pair of Socks - I have been a little distracted from knitting recently... I've been sewing a lot. Knitting seems like a something that should be done in the winter?! Is that just me? But I'm definitely still doing this. I have finished some slipper socks, and started on some real ones. Hat is next on my list too, on the hunt for mustard yellow

- Go to a Class - I have a huge list of classes that I want to go to, I just haven't made the time just yet. There is a 6 week course on print making that I'm pretty interested in! I also really want to give ceramics a go, or maybe woodblock printing. But nope, not yet.

- Practise a New Craft - I think I can tick this one off. I've been playing around with fabric dyeing, I've done a bit of tie-dye and used some natural dyes too. I have a dylon post coming up soon where I've revamped an old dress. I have also been stamp carving which I reeaaally love. And I am thinking of getting some screenprinting stuff at home sometime soon too. AND, crochet. Nothing quite mastered yet, but definitely getting to know a bunch of new crafts.

- 365 Photo Project - Urg, I was doing so well but then missed a few day! Now I'm maybe a  two months behind uploading them and it's so much hassle trying to pick photos from specific days! Maybe I'm just lazy and unorganised. I was thinking maybe I'd start again?! Is that allowed? Sorry.

- Actually Read 12 Books - On the way! I have my pile of books, and I am half way through two at the minute. Again, I feel like I have been a little distracted with all the sewing so I haven't really made time. I definitely need to stop messing around on my phone when commuting and pick up a book instead.

- Shoot 12 Rolls of Film - I think I am four in at the moment although, I haven't developed a couple yet. I treat myself to a bunch of polaroid film in a sale recently. Summer is the best time for film and I'm worried that has passed now! But I have a few to share.

- Take Another Trip - We took a trip to Ilkely! I've also been to Manchester and Lancaster. But I really want to do a weekend away somewhere soon, in a cabin with a log-burner (again!). An autumn trip would be soo good.

- Recycle and Reduce more - Yep! I am getting pretty good at doing the food shop without using plastic bags. I'm making use of old clothes to sew, embroider or make into dog toys. I'm also playing around with alternatives to make-up wipes, as well as a bunch of other stuff. We're re-using jars and I'm making trips to recycle the glass we don't use more often.

- Driving Licence - Not yet! This is the biggest hurdle for me. Its time consuming and expensive, AND now its getting dark earlier. Urg.

- Buy a Water-proof Coat & Shoes – I am going to get some walking shoes super soon, especially now its getting rainy and cold again. I keep planning to and never getting around to it. I have the socks! 

- Visit some new Galleries/Museums - Started, I went to the Hepworth and it was incredible! I've also been to the Tetley this year. We're thinking of making a trip to London later in the year and I'd love to get to the Tate again, the Natural History Museum and a ton of others.

- Make a Raw Dessert - Yes!! I've made a couple. Including my absolute (new) favourite, raw banana-ice cream. I really don't like bananas but I had seen this around the internet a few times and gave it a go; frozen bananas whizzed up in a food processor with some maple syrup. Its incredible tasty. I put cinnamon on the top too and holy hell! IT IS GOOD. And easy. When you're eating super well and get cravings for something sweet, this is the what you should eat; it tastes like regular icecream but obviously, its just bananas!

- Be More Active - I joined a gym!! It has been tough getting a schedule where I can go as often as I like as I have dog responsibilities and Dixon has been working long/late recently. But, I am going! I have definitely walked more this year than I have in my entire life too. Eva and me have covered some miles!! But, I am still desperate to get my bike out.

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