3 September 2015

Barcelona - A Brief Vegan Food Guide // Vegan Blogs

Barcealoooonnnna. So, we're just back from our forth trip to Barcelona, but the first time we have been  outside of the Primavera festival that we usually go to, which means the first time alone, the first time in the peak of summer and the first time where we can do exactly what we want without being dead after staying up until 4am at a festival. It gave us the chance to explore a little more, go to some new places, eat a little better and enjoy the whole of Barcelona. We swam in the sea, took the cable car (which sucked), went to see a football game, ate and drank. We wondered the streets and I got a bunch of blisters on my feet. It was our fourth visit to Barcelona and we've learnt a lot about some awesome vegan spots in the city. And here they are;

We got to enjoy so many places, some we've visited before, some totally new. We've been to Veggie Garden before; I got a huge sangria (photo 1) that was full of fruit! It had loads of watermelon it in which was so incredible. We sat outside and grabbed a burger whilst we were there which was pretty nice. As usual, whilst in Barcelona hired our own apartment which meant we cooked food at home a couple of days, so we headed out in search for Veganoteca that we found through the incredible useful Happy Cow. It was packed full of a bunch of meat substitutes I've never seen before, which we just had to get! Including calamari which was pretty strange, but surprisingly nice. Maybe my favourite part of vegan-Barcelona though, gelato! They make a point to have a few dairy-free flavours on offer, and knew straight away when I asked what was vegan. I choose coconut (made from coconut milk) and chocolate (made from rice milk) (photo 6), it was so so good. I never get to eat ice-cream, so it was special to me. Thank you Gelaaati! 

We made a trip to our favourite bar; Catbar (photo 7)! We have had a few beers there before but never eaten there, which is dumb seeing as it is 100% vegan. They do some awesome craft beer and, holy crap, honestly the best burger I have ever eaten. The one I chose had caramalised onions on, I can't even explain how good it was. We tried out two new coffee places whilst there too. Okay, so not vegan but good coffee is a holiday essential for us and they were so good I wanted to give them a mention too. Firstly, Satans Coffee Corner (Photos 4 & 5) a couple of times, it was really close to our apartment, it was super nice to sit in but we also got it to take away, they had incredibly friendly staff and even better coffee. We found out that a few places closed in August time so their staff can go on holiday, so when Satans closed we went over to Nomad Coffee as per their recommendation. Nomads roast their own beans so it wasn't surprising that their filter was the best I've ever tasted. It's tucked away in an amazing alley way (photo 9).

Before we made our visit we read about a bakery that had vegan options which were labelled really clearly. Its called Almirall 733; I think the address is Carrer de la Princesa 16, if you want to look it up when you're there, there isn't much online about it! I got a olive focaccia (photo10) and a slice of black sesame cake which was extremely good. There was no way we could visit Barcelona again without going to Gopal; a tiny place, that is totally vegan. The first place we ever ate on our first visit. We got burgers (duh!) with extra bacon, I also got a carrot cake which almost killed me it was so big, but I couldn't stop eating. They're also started doing ice lollies and juices! I got a coconut icepop on another trip which I could have eaten again and again. Next, we went to Ale & Hop, first for beers and then a second visit for more beers and food. They're vegetarian but label everything really well so choosing vegan was easy. We couldn't decide what to get so we got a few things to share; nachos, olives and sweet potato bravas, all were incredible. My favourite thing was the catalan bread (photo 11), oh man. too good! They grow a lot of their own vegetables too. When we had a day at the beach we went to visit Bar Celoneta, its only a couple of minutes walk from the beach which was awesome. It was a nice small, cool place; we got  burger (I know, again!) which was super fresh and tasty with fresh juice too. Other than the above, we also happened to be close to a regular-looking convenience store which had a bunch of veggie/vegan foods; including super tasty meatballs which made an awesome sandwich!


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