1 June 2015

See Ya May!!

MAY. May was a great month, for a ton of reasons. But, I have a feeling June is going to be even better. I have my first ever craft fair (which I'm kind of scared about!!). I will also be antique shopping, band seeing, party going, Simpson tattooing and, of course, sewing a ton.

May was when I opened my etsy shop and made my first few sales. I said if I sold two things in my first week I would be incredibly happy, and I did! I explored the bluebell filled woods a few times. Got a load of amazing vintage fabric. Met a hedgehog up close! Helped out Stitch Up at the Leeds Arts Party. Learnt to sew pockets into dresses. Played trivial pursuit with Dixon. Saw The Julie Ruin play at my favourite venue. And finally found somewhere that makes a decent coffee near our house, AND on our dog walking route. I also moved my domain over to a cute page for shop & blog!

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