13 February 2015

Stitch-Up: Knit as you Feel

Earlier this week I headed down to the Real Junk Food Project in Armley, Leeds to help out with the first of four  'Knit as you Feel' beginners knitting lessons! They're run by Jen Sharp of Stitch-Up which is an awesome new project which is dedicated to teaching the basics and benefits of traditional craft skills! Such an amazing idea!

Such an awesome mix of people came along too; some brought work colleagues, daughters, friends, the old and the young. It was great to see a packed room of people all super eager to learn a craft. As the group was pretty big Jen had this great idea for everyone to chat about how experienced they were with knitting and have the experts sit with the total beginners. It worked out perfect! Jen went over the basics with everyone and if anyone got stuck they had a pro right by them. Everyone was helping each other out, chatting and having the best time.

I had no idea what to expect at the start and I was kind of nervous at the prospect of taking photos. But it went great and I had the best time! Everyone took home their yarn and needles to practise and bring back next week; it's going to be so good seeing everyones work. AND, if all goes to plan we're thinking of stitching together everyones pieces to use in some yarn-bombing. I know everyone will be so proud when they see the finished thing.

If you're just starting out knitting or thinking of getting into it I would seriously recommend looking for a class near to you. Even better, if you're in Leeds look up Stitch-Up! I'll hopefully be helping out more in the future too.

// You can find more about Stitch-Up on Facebook and twitter //



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  1. I love everyone's looks of concentration! This is such a lovely idea - and it looks so much fun!


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