14 February 2015

365 Photo Project // Day 37 - 45

Day 37// Frosty rooftops at sunrise. Frost makes everything look beautiful.
 Day 38// Home-made okra fries, our current favourite thing. Oh man, too good.
Day 39// We took a trip to Manchester to see Interpol! We had the best day. The 1am train home was tough though.
 Day 40// Just sewing some profanities to a tote bag with fabric scraps.
 Day 41// Starting a week off work the right way. Documentaries on murderers and knitting.
Day 42// Starting out a quick new hoop for my friend Kate (You can see it finished here!) before heading to the knitting class. 
 Day 43// BIRTHDAY OKRA (yes, more okra). I turned 26 on the 12th, we had curry, gin and watched Friends. 26 will be a great year.
Day 44// Birthday drinks and food with good friends at my new favourite pub. The food here is unreal.
 Day 45// A hung-over romantic valentine trip to the veg market. I also picked up more wool and tofu-dogs.

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