25 February 2015

Exploring Cruelty-Free #4 - Scents

I still feel a bit weird with these posts. I feel weird reviewing things when I haven’t used every possible variation available (which I’m never going to do). And, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m super basic when it comes to beauty/household products. I’m not very brand-loyal, I won’t spend a load of money on one thing. I guess I am reviewing them but the point that I really want to get across is just how easy it is to choose cruelty-free stuff; how many options there are, how easy they are to find and to identify. It is no compromise or effort! Anyway, this time I’m going to share with you a few fragrance finds I’ve been trying out! I found this one super easy, there were tonnes of choices once I did a little reading.

Ditched: I never had a consistent perfume I used and actually haven’t had any at all for a while whilst I got around to choosing something that was cruelty-free. 

The Search: First, I stumbled on a Coconut body spritzer whilst queuing in Superdrug (I can't find it anywhere online!?) it was 99p! I grabbed it as I knew I would love it. It’s a casual, every-day fragrance that I am obsessed with. My Mum gave me Furze (by Lush) for Christmas, I hadn’t smelt it before but from the descriptions I had read online I knew it was the one for me, and oh man! I HATE chemically/musky/heavy smells and this is the exact opposite; It is light, floral and vanillary! The last one I found super recently is Grace Coles Coconut & Lime body spritz, it smells like the most beautiful holiday cocktail. I saw it in a shop and was SO happy to see an 'Against Animal Testing' stamp on the back. 

Now using: ALL THREE. I'm super happy to have found three different coconut smells. I use the Coconut & Lime one every morning, carry the BodyShop spritz in my bag and use Furze for special occasions! If I had to choose an absolute favourite it would definitely be Furze. 


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