2 February 2015

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is 10 days away! I used to have pretty terrible birthdays, but recently they have been pretty awesome! And unlike me, I actually have a ton of things that I would really love to receive (or treat myself with). There are also a lot of things that I really need; SHOES. I am desperate for some walking boots and trainers. I also needs some new earphones! My iphone ones gave in a while ago, and I'm having music withdrawal. I'd love a couple of records (Martha and Menace Beach mainly)! I also would love some circular needles (I'm planning to try out knitting a jumper!) and some beautiful yarn to use with them. 

Forever in love with check patterns, and how beautiful is this dress? It looks the perfect length. (via. Lindy Bop)

Have I mentioned before how much I love tote bags?! This one is just perfect. (via. Feminist Apparel)

I never thought I would be the type of person who would be excited by yarn... But, look at it! So beautiful. (via. Lanitium Ex Machina)
Such an awesome patch! I do love eating greens and pizza, but mostly greens. (via. Mokuyobi)

 In love with this basket-ladder-thing. I love the colour and it would be perfect for storing craft supplies! (via. Urban Outfitters


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