21 November 2014

Filey & Scarborough on Film.

I wasn't going to post this for a while (because my last post was photos too!!) but its SO dark here all the time now so I don't have chance to take and photos for new posts. Sucks working 9-5 in winter.

I love using expired film, the unpredictable photos you get are the reason I love to shoot with film. The problem with expired film is the ISO lowers the longer a film is expired, basically meaning your photos will be duller... which is a bit of a problem in England in October when I shot these. I generally get my film from eBay; I have no idea of its life before it gets into my hands so it may be lower than it would during its natural deterioration. This film was a ISO 200, and expired in 2006 so they're kind of dull. BUT I still really love how they came out.

I took these whilst on our log cabin trip. It was a really dull the two days we made the trip to the coast from the cabin, which kind of sucked. I regret not taking more photos, like I always do. I love boats and all the equipment that comes with them, and how the outside of sea-front shops look, but I hardly took any photos of them. I definitely need to go back; maybe when its a little brighter.

Camera: Olympus XA2 // Film: ISO 200, expired 2006.

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