10 November 2014

Eva - Update.

Eva is almost a year old! So I guess this is technically the last pupdate, she'll be a full grown women on December 6th. She has lived with us for almost 10 months now and it's amazing how much our life has changed since we first brought her up. We have been so lucky, but she has been the easiest dog; I've never had to raise my voice to her, she is so good with other dogs and people, amazing on trains and when ever we stay anywhere other than our house she is so well behaved. Seriously, so lucky.

We think that she is done growing! She is a little bigger than I expected her to get but she is a pretty perfect size for me. She seems to get scruffier by the day, but for some weird reason the hair on the top of her head has suddenly got short! It makes her look like a balding old man, which I love. She has a ginger twinge in her beards and a couple of white hairs down her back. But mostly, she is still the same scruffy black pup.

The obsession with chewing wood has gone, I think! We may have lost one of our dining chair legs and a bit of a sofa leg too... and she did use to have a collection of sticks in the garden that I had to get rid of; she literally eats them. Not good at all. I found a synthetic stick that is completely safe for dogs to eat, she loves them and the furniture destruction seems to have totally stopped. Thats the only problem we've really had with her. Other than that time she crapped up the wall, but I can't really blame her for that...

She is still super obedient. We've taught her a load of tricks and she is amazing off the lead; which is so good because being able to take her on long exploring walks and trips is really important to us. SHe is grumpy on a morning. She jumps on our bed every when the alarm goes off and goes straight back to sleep between us. I can't imagine her not being there. It sounds so cliche but she is my best friend. 



  1. She's so cute!! Glad you've had a great time for her first year of life. xx


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