1 August 2014

See Ya July.

August! August is a good month. It's the month I met Dixon, it will be 5 years this time! Thats pretty amazing to me. It's also Dixon birthday, Beacons festival (I get to go camping, finally!) and my brothers fiancees hen party; which is kind of exciting. I want to buy some good walking boots and then go on a trip to Knaresborough or Otley. August will be good.

July was HOT. Prolonged heat in England doesn't come around often, and it was appreciated. The Tour de France came to Leeds, and I spent a lot of time watching it on TV after that. I explored the woods. I volunteered at the RSPCA a couple of times. I got the chance to do some stitching. We went on a trip to see Dixons parents, which involved a pretty long train ride and Eva did amazing! I got the chance to go to the beach, twice! I bought a ridiculous hat and a hula hoop. July was pretty good.



  1. lovely post, have fun on august!

  2. Who is getting married?! & yay, congrats on 5 years!

    1. Alan! At the end of September! Thankkks x


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