13 August 2014


Last weekend Dixon and me packed up and headed for the hills of Skipton, and Beacons festival. I've been to a couple of festivals before, but I've never actually camped at one! I was unbelievable excited to camp. Even if we were expected to get the tail end of Hurricane Bertha at some point during the weekend and I didn't really know how to pack for that. As far as festivals go, it was pretty chilled out for us! Being able to get a coffee on the morning from my favourite espresso bar, lunch from my favourite Indian street Kitchen and a beer from my favourite local brewery was unbelievable. Pretty much every band I wanted to see was on the Sunday, which kind of sucked because that was the day we needed to leave and the day the storm came... It got extremely wet and my wellies were definitely not water-tight. Thankfully, most of the stages were under-roof! Hopefully we'll be going back next year and the weather will be a little better. I can't wait to explore the hills around the festival site and spend more time in Skipton (that place is beautiful!).


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