1 June 2014

See Ya May!

Another month has passed. We're on he 6th month of 2014 and I can hardly believe it. Again, it seems to have gone past so quickly I'm not sure I even did anything. In June I'll be taking a road trip to see some friends, going to Manchester to get tattooed, visiting my parents, hopefully start volunteering and handing in my first assignment.

We went to the Yorkshire Vegan Festival! Had an amazing burger and bought Eva some peanut butter  treats. The weather got summery (for a little bit). Dixons first home-brew of the year was ready to drink, it is amazing! I went for my volunteering induction at the RSPCA. Hung out in the garden a lot.  Some of our veg started to flower! Got some ace mail. And, after weeks of insisting I was going to go to a hairdressers, cut my fringe back in myself.


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