14 June 2014

Far Away Friends.

Last weekend was the best weekend. I went to a butterfly house, explored an amazing park with a view of the sea, went on the best worst night out ever, cooked a huge pot of chilli (with a lot of help) for 6 people, ate chips at the beach, strolled down a pier, played car games and best of all, hung out with some amazing friends and the got to spend time with an awesome baby too. I stayed with my friends Amy & Anthony, and their new baby, Rory, over in Lancaster. Kate came up from Wales, and Steff, Charys and me drove over (thanks Steff!). It was so good hanging out together in one huge, beautiful house. I seriously miss having everyone in Leeds. Especially now Rory is around. Oh man, he is the best. We will definitely have to do this again soon.


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