27 May 2014

Top 5 - May

I want every notebook that Dozi have, this yellow one is definitely my favourite though (via. Dozi)

I adore this Gold Bear necklace! (via. Manic Trout)

I absolutely love everything about this bike patch. (via. Mokuyobi Threads)
Still on the look out for the perfect rug, this one is pretty close. I love the colours. (via. Urban Outfitters)

I've had my eyes on this denim jacket for a while but they never have my size! I'm terrible at finding jackets/coats I like, so it's super annoying. (via. Topshop)


1 comment:

  1. That patch is so cute. It reminds me of Jack in the box fast food for some reason. That notebook is one of those notebooks that I would have a hard time writing in it. It is soo cute.


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