16 April 2014

Rawdays 2 & 3

I am totally killing the 'eat more fruit and veg' goal I set myself this year. Our 1 day a week eating raw is working out awesomely...  although I wouldn't say its quite happening every week.

I've discovered an unexpected benefit to raw meals; they hardly take any time at all to make. No cooking means no waiting around. They're perfect for days when you don't have time/energy to cook but don't want to be tempted by take aways (Pizza is tempting me way too often lately).

So, Rawsday #2 Dixon created walnut 'falafel' with shredded veg salad (carrot, courgette and cucumber) with a mint cashew cream dressing, served in lettuce. I made a juice to go with it; apple, kiwi and cucumber. It was super super tasty! For Rawsday #unknown I made courgette noodles (which  I seriously LOVE) with a avocado-walnut-lime-chilli-made-up dressing. It was SO good. Have you ever had a raw meal? I'm looking for new ideas and would love to hear what you loved.


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