1 March 2014

See Ya February.

Oh man, February you have really flown by... which kind of sucks as its my favourite month. It has been tough/weird this month; getting used to our new puppy-routine has meant not leaving the house all that much so in March I am going to make the most of outside.

February was truly the month of dog. Dixon and me are both obsessed with her. I decided to grow out my fringe (only so I can get it professionally cut back in!). I spent two days in Glasgow (working, boo) but had the most beautiful train ride home through snowy mountains and rolling hills. We celebrated my birthday! 25!! Dixon gave me two albums to add to my vinyl collection (!), by two of my favourite bands (Saves the Day & Modest Mouse)! I got a Valentines card from my sponsor dog. My friends had a baby! I made the effort to read as often as possible, I'm 3.5 books down for 2014 which is huge for me. We took Eva for her first walk and explored some amazing places that are right by our house. I fell over in the mud. It was great. How was your February?


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  1. It looks like you had a wonderful month! Happy 25th Birthday ^_^ I hope March brings you just as much fun and adventure!


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