10 January 2014

2014 Goals.

I have gone back and forth over whether to set myself any goals this year; as I seem to be so terrible at actually hitting them... But I really can't help making lists so I decided to go for it (there is loads I want to do this year!).  Here are my 2014 goals;

- Sew Way More - I really really love sewing, but I've neglected it a little lately. I love the feeling of being proud of myself when I finish a piece off. I also really love shopping for fabric. This year I want to keep learning new techniques and get continue to improve. I'd like to sew with knits too and master zips. I'd also really like to start taking sewing a little more seriously...

- Read at least 12 books - 12 books seems kinda daunting to the slowest reading on the planet. Especially one that doesn't make much time to read anymore. I am the biggest book fan, I have just lost my way recently. I think 12 should be a pretty realistic target... I have a bunch on my book shelves waiting to be opened and a train commute that is ready to be filled.

- Shoot 12 Rolls of Film - This one is completely inspired by Kaylah who is planning to do waaay more than this. I love shooting with film, but I am terrible keeping track of what is on a specific film and sometimes don't get around to having it developed at all; I think I treat it too preciously because having it developed is kind of expensive. 12 rolls of film is totally doable, one a month. I have a tonne of fun cameras I need to dig out.

- Open a Savings Account + Save Monthly - The whole reason we moved out of our city center place was to save some money on rent and tax to then save to buy our own house in a couple of years. This hasn't started yet, but I'm determined to get on with it this year. We're going to open an account shortly and then I will start making better decisions with my money and saving monthly.

Grow and Maintain our Garden I didn't grow anything last year, and that sucked! But with my very own garden (and the tools I got for Christmas  I have no reason not to. Dixon and me have a lot of plans for vegetables, and are thinking of building our own planters too. I don't want to just fluke through either, so I'm going to study how to get the most from the plants we choose. I also want to grow a giant pumpkin. (Maybe some flowers too.)

- Eat more Fruit and Vegetables - I love fruit and vegetables, so this one shouldn't be so tough really, but I also love pizza, pasta and junk. I want to start replacing that crap stuff with fresh vegetables. I want to start to be more conscience of what I'm putting in my body, get healthier and hopefully that'll lead into losing a few pounds too. I'm already making a dent in this one, see my Rawday post!

- Keep on Exploring Yorkshire - There are so many awesome places in Yorkshire that I have never been to. I'd love to walk up a mountain or visit the Brimham Rocks. I also want to explore the tiny villages and their charity shops. Camping in the moors would be perfect too.  This is the kind of goal that would be made much easier if I could drive... But train trips are fine too. I'd like to visit 5 new places this year.

- 'Up-cycle' Some Furniture - I want to make-over some chairs and maybe a sideboard if I can get my hands on it. A lot of our furniture is Ikea-type stuff so it'd be nice to have some really unique bits around the house. I always wanted to do this last year, but didn't want to be painting, sawing and sanding things in the flat, now I can do it in the yard! 

- Yoga - Yoga really appeals to me. I used to do it every so often in my room, by myself, not so seriously and I loved it. I'd like to start doing it frequently and once I have the basics down maybe even go to a class? Anyone that knows me will know I am so weak physically so yoga would help me in that department. And I want to be able to do handstands.

- Send More Snail Mail -  Junk and bills is mainly all I get in the post. I hardly ever get anything that is worth getting. Its pretty sad. I love the feeling of getting surprise mail. Sooo, I'm going to start sending fun stuff to some of my friends that don't live near by. I also want to start sending postcards too. Plus, it gives me an excuse to buy some stationary. 

- Build Vinyl Collection- When I went to see Owen in December I bought myself his vinyl and had him sign it. Then Dixon bought me a Sufjan Stevens one for Christmas which I love. I have a couple others I have bought over the years but now I want more! My Dad has records stacked all over my parents house and I think its amazing. It'd be awesome to have a little collection of my own.  (I'd love this beautiful player too). I'm going to make the effort to get all my favourite albums on record.

What goals have you set for yourself in 2014? If you have blogged about them, leave me a link I love reading all the different things people plan to do in a year.


  1. I have this record player, it plays perfectly. I got it from www.juno.co.uk they have an amazing collection and it's cheaper than high street shops.
    Love your goal list, I'm still tweaking mine. xx

  2. You'd be surprised how much you can read if you just spend say an hour a day, communicating is always a great time to read. We started a vinyl collection and now have 800 of them ... and play them on a vintage record player - those mini record players, I always worry about the sound quality without the proper speakers.

    1. Yeah, fingers crossed I can get through my 12, I'm definitely going to commit to that one!
      We already have a vinyl player/speakers in the house, I just want a little one for my craft room!


  3. I love receiving letters in the post & I know other people do as well, I think that one is a beautiful goal for the new year! Good Luck with them all!


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