11 August 2013

Spring Rolling.

Yesterday I made Spring Rolls. They're so simple and tasty I can't believe I haven't made them before. I really wanted to pack them full of carrots but the guy at the market didn't put them in our bag! I didn't realise until we got home. Boo. I'm still pretty happy with how they turned out. I have a few sheets left, I'll definitely be making more soon. Maybe bigger ones for a work-lunch.

I used yellow pepper, onion, mushroom all chopped into thin strips and garlic and chilli chopped fine. I fried these all together for a minute or two with ginger and black pepper. I added a few splashes of teriyaki sauce at the end, and once that liquid had evaporated the filling was done.  

The actual spring roll sheets were really easy to use. I was expecting to tear a few, but I only ruined one. You can eat them raw but I decided to lightly fry them. I love crispy spring rolls. I served them with a boat load of my favourite soy sauce. They were spicy, crunchy and amazing.



  1. Ugh, I loooooove spring rolls and this sounds amazing! I need to go searching for the sheets...I never see them anywhere

    1. I found mine in a normal supermarket! but then I saw them for way cheaper in a chinese supermarket.


  2. these look so good! i've never made spring rolls before but you have inspired me to try!


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