12 August 2013

A Little Goal Update - 1 year in.

I can't believe its been a year today since I set myself some goals to achieve before my 25th birthday! My 25th birthday is now 6 months away and I have made a pretty good dint in the list, I think.

Here are my eighteen before twentyfive and how I'd doing:

1. Learn to bake my own amazing bread - I feel like I've achieved this one, I've definitely improved my skills. I started a 12 months of Bread project to help me with this one, but I have some catching up to do! Which I definitely will do soon because I love to make bread.
2. Give some time to charity, regularly - A little time given so far and more is on the horizon. I'd love to find something I can do regularly, it would really help if I could drive...
3. Start learning to drive. - Urg, I keep putting this off because it is so expensive to do, but I am determined to get at least a couple of lessons in before my birthday.
4. Go to the Lake District! Or the lake. & Row a boat! - No plans set for this one, although I would love to go Lake Windermere really soon, with our bikes and a tent. Again, I need to drive!
5. Go whale spotting. - This one seems like a distant dream at the minute. I was hoping to do it for my actual birthday, but February isn't the best month for it! Boo.
6. Get my qualifications for work - Not doing so great on this one, I have had a couple of exams, and done crappy at them. Fingers crossed the next one will be a pass.
7. Go carbooting. - Yep, done. I would love to make this a more regular thing! Probably the perfect weekend activity.
8. Go to the Manchester Velodrome again, either to cycle, or see an event. -Soon! Definitely.
9. See more bands play live - I've seen a whole load of bands in the last year; including a trip to Primavera Sound where I saw loads of my favorites. Outside of that I've seen Braid, and will be seeing Owen in December!
10. Read as much as possible. - I am currently half way through approximately 400 books. Once we move I'll have a train commute, so I'll be picking them all up again then.

11. Lose weight! - Starting. I need to get off my lazy butt and actually do some exercise though.
12. Explore Yorkshire! - Yep; 1. 2. 3. I loved doing this one so far and can't wait to do more, next I want to visit Saltaire & Skipton. Yorkshire is a pretty big place, but I think once I hit 5 new places I'll feel like I've achieved this one..
13. Start quilting. Start and finish one design by hand. - It took ages and came out a huge mess by the time I'd finished, I probably wont be trying quilting again anytime soon. It was such a faff!
14. Take more photos (especially film) and frame them to hang around the flat. - Yep, definitely made a dent in this one. You can see some of my photographs here; film and digital. I now constantly have at least one film camera on me and I'm using my flickr account again. I've framed a few around the house too, and will be doing more soon..
15. Sort my finances out, no more debt. - This was a pretty big one for me, and I'm definitely on my way. I've paid off the majority of my debt; cut up a couple of store cards and got rid of my overdraft. Now I just need to start some savings!
16. Host a dinner party. - Nooo, I keep meaning to do this one. Maybe once we move house and have more space?
17. Go see a play. - Done!
18. Learn to enjoy time alone - Definitely done.

19. Ride bikes with Dixon, lots (on my beautiful bike), aim to do 30miles in a day? & maybe even further -We have been out on a few bike rides together, the most we did was about 13miles though! Still determined to reach the 30miler.


Do you set yourself regular goals? I'm thinking I might start setting myself more, maybe a little more short term than the year and a half I set for these ones. Maybe every 3 months or so? Seasonal Goals?

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  1. I really like this - I usually don't do goal lists since I feel as though it's more of a ticking time bomb than an actual motivator. But I love how many of yours you've accomplished! Great job!


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