17 August 2013

Home-Made Tortillas.

There is nothing quite as satisfying as eating a meal where you have made the whole thing from scratch. We eat so much Mexican food but it has never really crossed my mind to make our own tortillas before. Then I saw this post by the wonderful Drea and ran to show Dixon. We'd never seen a tortilla press before and now we wanted one!! When Dixons birthday came around, it was the perfect opportunity to tracked one down.

I was pretty excited for Dixon to start using it. So, last Saturday night we decided to have fajitas for tea. He made the dough perfectly. Rolled up a small ball, placed it in the center of the disc, pressed down and the handle snapped clean off!* I was gutted. How does metal snap? I've no idea how it happened. What a bummer.

We went  ahead and made the tortillas with a rolling pin, it just wasn't as much fun as using this authentic looking press, you know? They probably weren't as thin as they could be, or as round. They were delicious though. We will definitely be doing them again. And I'm busy tracking down another press.


* The very nice people at Sous chef where I ordered the press from replaced the broken one. Fingers crossed it will be a regular in our kitchen for years to come.

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