31 May 2013

Barcelona - Exploring Park Güell

Park Güell is a neat little garden/village overlooking Barcelona. It was designed by the architect Antoni Gaudi for Eusebi Güell, an entrepreneur. Originally there was planning for 60ish houses, but only two were built (neither of which were designed by Gaudi). It was a bit of a flop. But now, 100 years later it is a beautiful park.

We got the metro to Lesseps, then walked up to the park. It is high and the road was really really steep. It actually wasn't as bad of a walk as we expected, totally worth the sweat and cursing at my bad choice of footwear. The main area of the park was packed with people, which sucked. It was also full of guys selling crap (blankets, sunglasses etc), this sucked too. The views are beautiful; Güell wanted to take advantage of the clean air up on the hills, away from the factory smog below. We spent ages exploring and admiring the plants, flowers and trees. The plants attract a whole heap of birds too, which I spent a lot of time spying on (I love parakeets!). I wish I had taken more photos of the mosaic work and the buildings themselves (There will be a lot of those on film which is busy being developed).

The whole park is free, apart from getting into the houses themselves (which we didn't do) and the beer (which we did do). Definitely definitely recommend it.


  1. I'm loving your photos and can't wait to see more! My husband and I spent the last 5 days of our Portugal/Spain honeymoon in Barcelona and you're making me miss it so much:(

  2. I remember Parc Guell as well - it really is gorgeous, isn't it? When my group went, there was a whole band playing at the main plaza area and lots of sellers peddling wares. Great afternoon trip! (Though it kills your calves...)


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