20 May 2013


Oh, hello! Sorry about the absence. You see, I'm currently re-thinking the working of this little blog. Recently, the content of this page seems to be getting further and further away from what I actually want it to be. I want to open it up as a creative outlet for me. At the moment though, it's becoming a bit of a chore. It does not reflect who I am.

What the hell is the point in having a blog that is full of stuff I wouldn't enjoy reading myself? The answer is, there isn't one. So, in a few days time I fly to Barcelona (which I have already decided is going to be the best holiday ever), I have some wonderful guest posts for you guys whilst I'm away (thanks to Kirsty & Jenna!). Then, when I get back I can make some final decisions.

I'm excited to make this blog enjoyable for me again. Stay tuned.


  1. i'm sure this trip will be amazing and just the thing you need to clear your head and give you inspiration. i recently realized i hold some things back on my blog but i don't really know why— i'm not embarrassed or ashamed by anything i do/believe. i'm not looking to get sponsors or attract certain brands— so now my bog is becoming more and more "me" with every post.

    the best blogging advice i've ever found is "write the blog you want to read." i can't wait to see the future of this little space <3

    1. Exactly! That is the best advice, and the one I give people too... Just recently I havent been following it myself.


  2. I had a similar thing with my old blog. In complete honesty, I just got bored of what I was writing. I made a new blog on a completely different topic and I haven't looked back. I hope your trip is Barcelona is amazing!


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