13 April 2013

What I ate // Vegan Blogs

I definitely don't speak for all vegans, but I definitely do have an ever changing, interesting & varied diet that answers the "so what DO vegans eat?" question I am asked constantly. That, and I love to share the creations Dixon and me have teamed together to create. He is the best cook. If it wasn't for his amazing cooking skills its safe to say that I would still be on my pasta, houmous and cherry tomato diet. He constantly inspires me to make tastier, healthier and funner dishes.

We create most things completely from scratch so if any take your fancy, let me know and I'll share the recipe with you in a future post. Enjoy!

Home -Infused Blueberry Gin (similar)

Tikka Massala: Served with (home made) chicken seitan and naan.

Pizza: Sundried tomato base, olive oil, garlic, oregano & sliced green olives

Pizza Party: Regular vegetable // Sundried Tomato & Olives (above) // Basil, garlic & tomato // Caramalised onion & mushroom

Apple Cider: Tastes of summer.

This is how we plan our meals, scribbly. 

Fresh (faux) Sauerkraut.

Curry Wurst; Sauerkraut, Bratwurst (made by Dixon completely from scratch! He's a clever guy.), Curry sauce.



  1. I like that to the question 'What do vegans eat?' you answer twice with alcohol ahaha.

    But as a complete non-vegetarian/vegan I was actually a little bit curious about how you herbivores survive! The pizzas look yummy though :)

    1. Maybe "What I consumed" would have made more sense!



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