27 March 2013

DIY Scrap-Work Cloud

I don't know about anyone else, but I just can't bring myself to throw away any fabric scraps I have. Those patterns are just too pretty to bin! I made a bag to hang on my craft room wall especially for scraps. And holy hell is it getting full!! I decided I needed to make something to make the most of those amazing designs.

I have a few ideas waiting for another snowy day. I made a patchwork cloud by hand a while ago. It's hung in our room every since! I love it. So decided it was perfect for this mini-project, this time on my machine! Here is how you can make your own;

You'll need:
     - Scraps! Any size, colour or pattern.
     - Material for your back (I used an old tshirt)
     - Iron
     - Soft Pencil
     - Stuffing
     - Sewing machine // or thread if you're doing it by hand

How to:

     - Cut your scraps down into rectangles or squares. Size is up to you, just avoid curves.
     - Play around with your material arrangement until you're happy with the colour and pattern balance. Pin it into rows!
     - Sew each piece on each row together, iron your seam allowance down. Now pin each row together.
     - Sew your rows together! Iron again so its all neat and flat.
     - Grab your tshirt, or whatever material you're using for your backing, and mark out how big your scrap front is. Inside this outline sketch out your cloud shape. This took me ages because I'm majorly indecisive.
     - Cut out your shape then pin your two pieces together. Inside out remember, so have both raw sides facing out. Sew around the whole cloud outline, leaving a 2-3" gap unstitched so you can turn the whole thing the right way around, turn it the right way. Use this gap for stuffing too!
      - Once you're stuffed and plumped out sew up the last gap by hand. Stitch in a hoop to hang it. Attach little bead for raindrops if you like. Hang, and admire!


I think a collection of these would be super cute in a nursery window or above any bed! I love them. I'm thinking of making a huge one. What do you think? Is there anything you use your scraps for?


  1. How cute! I love the lil elephants scrap! I'm not a sewer...I deal more with paper & even those scraps I can't throw out!! I can't imagine how much I would be saving if I was a sewer!!!

    Ergo - Blog

  2. lovely idea, I might try this and add some lavender to make it smell dreamy too.

    Bet you have had a lot of snowy days for projects recently, its been freezing in Nottingham!


    1. Thats a great idea! Let me know if you do.

      Yep, it is freeezzzzing over here too. Wish it would shift on now.


  3. Love it! I'm gou=ing to have tomake one of these, I've got a large sack o scraps, thanks for sharing!

  4. lovely patterns! :) Love the result, of course! X


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