8 February 2013

Be my Valentine.

How do you celebrate St. Valentines day? Are you sending any secret love letters? I know a lot of people think February 14th is a money-making holiday, but so is every other holiday, right? I think its great to show appreciation to your loved ones, whether friends, family or a significant other. It also means I can swoon over all the beautiful things appearing in shop windows and stores. I'm not really that much of a pink girl (although it is growing on me) so I've thrown in a few blue splashes to my Top 5 today. 

1// Princess of Posies - Modcloth // Modcloth do it again, the cut the texture are so pretty. This is the exact kind of dress I'd like bridesmaids at my (non-existant) wedding to wear! Its also perfect for a home-made candle lit meal.

2// Willow Pattern Soap - Lush // This is soap! Can you believe it? Lush is by far my favourite cosmetics company. Its not just that they are against animal testing, but their products are just beautiful. This soap is rose sensed and I bet it smells amazing.

3// Blue Morpho Butterfly - Bug Under Glass // I've been wanting a few framed butterflies to have on our new bookcase. The colour of this little guy blows me away. I'd love to learn to pin my own insects just like this, this guy is super talented.

4// Crochet Slippers - White Noise Maker // I've actually been eyeing these little slippers for a while now. Handmade in the cutest style and colours. I'd be super happy to unwrap these. I'm also in love with these little lace-ups.

5// Rainy Day Throw- Donna Wilson // Clouds, I really do love clouds. This would make the cutest baby blanket, and I would love to curl up to watch films in it! The price may be a little out of my range, but I can dream.



  1. I love that soap! How adorable is that? I would never want to use it!
    That throw is also so cute.
    PS: I nominated you for the versatile blogger award over at my blog :)

    1. I was thinking the same, I'd never want to ruin it!!

      Thank you, i'll check it out


  2. These are all so gorgeous, I love the colours

  3. Love that dress, so cute! Also, who doesn't want a cosy throw? Gorgeous!


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