7 February 2013

50 Home Crafts- 1/50

I mentioned recently that I have been brain-storming a whole load of projects and goal ideas for 2013 and beyond. Well, here is another one; 50 Home Crafts. 50 is a big number, huh? It is quite daunting for me to tackle something where I can't see the finish line.

I'm not setting too many restraint. No time limit for example. Food doesn't count. Each individual project should result in something I can have around the house, or something I can gift to friends and family to decorate their own homes. This is all about trying out a whole bunch of new things, but I will be incoporating a few variations on crafts I've done before. So, here it goes! Wish me luck. 1/50.


I thought that I would start with a little one. I bought this little watercolour on eBay early last year. I was looking for some nice paintings to have over our dining table. After bidding on then losing out on a few I loved, I started bidding on a bunch that I didn't care too much for. You know how eBay is! This was the results of that wild bidding. I did only cost me around £2.50 including postage, so I can't complain. 

So, there it sat for a few months until I decided to make it into a little piece for our hall way. 

I used card for the arrow stencil. Then an old tough paint brush to cover the whole thing in white acrylic paint. I wanted it to be quite thin so a few of the original paint colours showed through. A little rustic! I peeled the stencil off right away  and left it to dry. I then put it back it its original frame (Although I may stain that too at some point). Now, I'm quite fond of it!



  1. I love this project. I always see those types of paintings at the thrift and even though they don't fit in with my decor I want to buy them.
    Now I know what to do with them!

  2. Very cute!! I love how you used an old painting! I'm always seeing paintings like that everywhere! Cute revamp! =)

    Ergo - Blog


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